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Revenue Management

Increase rent revenue & decrease vacancies

Use data and analytics to increase your rent revenue, decrease vacancy costs, and save time through our innovative AI-based revenue management product.

Our system injects your data to output a recommended price for each of the units in your portfolio with the goal of finding the optimal balance between vacancy cost and rent revenue. Our innovative system automatically prices your units based on data such as:

  • Static data such as square feet, amenities, features, etc.

  • Availability (per unit type, building, and portfolio)

  • Vacancy rates (per unit type, building, and portfolio)

  • Demand (clicks, calls, appointments, etc.)

  • Seasonality

  • And more!

Lease Expiration Management

Optimize your operations

12-month lease terms are no longer the expectation in today’s environment. Tenants expect greater flexibility, and owners and property managers are increasingly offering different lease terms such as 6-month, 9-month, 12-month, and 15-month leases. This adds another layer of complexity and consideration to the problem of optimizing your rental rates, which is where lease expiration management comes into play. 

Lease Expiration Management is the process of controlling the number of lease expirations at each future point of time through dynamically pricing your product. Essentially, this portion of revenue management takes lease-term into account and suggests rental prices based on move-in date and lease-term.

Data on a Touch Pad
Modern Office

Real Estate Analytics
& Business Intelligence

Improve your KPI tracking and automation

Improve your decision making by having accurate, timely, and crucial information at your fingertips through business intelligence and analytics. Wherever your organization lies in the data analytics journey - we are here to help you incorporate improved data practices and analytics.

We work with a variety of organizations to help them with data collection, data architect, business intelligence and dashboarding, descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive analytics, and even more advanced projects like machine learning and AI. Transform your business today with through our ongoing analytics-as-a-service or one-time projects.

Markets we serve

we serve a variety of Real Estate markets with our innovative products and services

Residential Buildings

Multifamily Rentals

Senior Couple on Vacation

Senior Living

Suburb Neighbourhood

Single-family rentals



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Student Housing

Room Service

Short-term rentals

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