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Multifamily Rentals

We specialize in working with multifamily portfolio's to help improve their bottom line through high ROI data and analytics initiatives. Specifically, our revenue and lease expiration management products have helped organizations increase their rent revenue, decrease vacancy costs, and save time via automation.

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Why Revenue Management

for multifamily properties

For to long, pricing has been conducted based on competition or gut-feel alone. This causes increased vacancies or missed revenue opportunities, which can add up over time for an organizations portfolio.

Revenue management uses data, analytics, and AI to intelligently and optimally price rental units. Not only will this give you confidence in your pricing, but will also help save your organization valuable time and money.


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Analytics & AI in Residential Real Estate Pricing

Properly pricing your products is crucial in any industry – and this holds especially true in residential real estate. Whether you are a property manager, owner, or leasing agent for a multifamily apartment building – properly pricing your products (units) is essential. Really, your goal should be to maximize net operating income by optimizing your rent revenue and decreasing your vacancy cost (cost of units being empty with no one paying rent).  The impact of pricing can be big; in fact, a 1% increase in rent can lead to a 5% increase in profits (assuming a 20% margin).​

Daily Pricing

Give your leasing agents easy-to-access, updated pricing based on market changes and internal stats. Our propriety system allows you to maximize your revenue while properly managing your vacancy rates. To learn more about how it works, book a demo today!

Automated Reports

Say goodbye to adhoc reporting through automated and customizable reports. Track the crucial information you care about such as vacancy and rent trends, employee & building performance, and more! Let us help you make more informed business decisions through Business intelligence.

Active Service

We separate ourselves through the superior customer service we offer to each of our customers. For every customer, we have a team of data science experts with experience in real-estate to work directly your team to make sure the pricing fits your portfolios strategy.

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