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Data Privacy and Security takes data privacy and security extremely seriously.


Security controls are taken very seriously. When necessary, utilizes strong password protection, firewalls, anti-virus software, content filtering, data encryption, network and application logging, and intrusion detection systems. In all instances, adheres to the Principle of Least Privilege to reduce access to sensitive information by unauthorized users.

  • Password-protected computers

  • Encrypted hard drives

  • Software protected client files

  • Understanding the importance of data security


Client Data Privacy and Security: prefers to receive anonymized data (i.e. no personally identifiable information, no names, address, phone numbers, email, etc.)

  • Client data received by will be encrypted. Depending on the client's security protocol, there are various ways to receive data.

    • Working on client site

    • Using client computers

    • Cloud server commissioned by the client

    • Emailed, with password protection

    • Encrypted USB (multiple factors)

  • All files are secured by software and worked on encrypted computers

  • At the client’s request, can assist with the anonymizing of data prior to beginning a project.

  • Client data will not be backed-up by unless otherwise notified.



Should you have any questions or concerns about data privacy or security, please don't hesitate to let us know!



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